Advertising Specialties

The main use for promotional products is to increase brand recognition. Compass Screen & Graphics offers attractive, innovative and cost effective items for meetings, events, branding, and trade shows. In whatever way you decide to use promotional products, they will certainly help you build brand awareness and increase sales.


Many companies will use promotional products as incentives for their employees to achieve results. They also offer products with their logo on them as an incentive to purchase a certain amount of goods or services. Contact Compass Screen for your next incentive program to see what we can do for you.


You probably have one or more ad specialty products within eyesight at this very moment. It might be a pen, a mug, a flash drive or a hat. That particular advertising will get noticed over and over again. Start getting your brand into the mix so you’re not forgotten.

Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness gives you the upper hand when customers are needing your products or services and will think of you first. Compass Screen can assist in finding you just the right promotional product to get your brand in front of your target market.

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