Screen Printing

Screen printed apparel is the most cost effective way to advertise your brand. T-shirts are the number one promotional product of all time and continue to be the most talked about clothing item. Everyone has their favorite t-shirt they cherish and the image or brand on that shirt will be seen for years to come.

Creative Designing

Let our 25 plus years experience in graphic design shine on your next project. We take your ideas, add our ideas, and then get creative using the ink colors and garment colors to create a design with the most amount of visual impact possible.

Specialty Inks and Textures

Here at Compass Screen, you no longer have only one kind of ink to choose from. When you want a special amount of flare or effect, we have numerous specialty inks including; glow inks, metallic inks, glitter inks, puff inks and more!

Mass Brand Awareness

Screen printing is one of the most cost effective solutions for mass brand awareness. A simple t-shirt can be produced very inexpensively and handed out at trade shows, given to clients and friends, and can also be distributed to event participants and fans alike. The more you buy, the less expensive each shirt becomes and the more your brand is noticed.

Personal and Engaging

Did you ever see someone wearing a sweatshirt advertising a place you are familiar with? That connection can instantly start a conversation and become the cornerstone for a lasting relationship. The same holds true for your brand, you never know who it will engage.

Mobile Billboard

When you sell or give out screen printed t-shirt and sweatshirts, you can bet they will be seen all over the place. Whether your shirt makes it to the gym, the game, a festival or just your local grocery store, your brand is being recognized again and again. It’s like having your own mobile billboard advertisement constantly working for you.